1. Capture

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Screen Capture

Capture images from your computer screen with ease. If you can see it on-screen, you can capture it, including web-pages, PDF files, programs, etc.

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Webcam Capture

Capture your personality using the built-in webcam support! Get even more creative by enhancing your pictures with ScreenDASH's drawing tools & clip-art library before sending them to your friends.

iPhone Capture

Take ScreenDASH with you wherever you go! Use ScreenDASH's drawing & sharing features with images captured by your iPhone. Learn more »

2. Modify

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Advanced Drawing Tools

ScreenDASH's drawing tools allow you to enhance or annotate images with shapes, paint tools, text, or images.

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Huge Clip Art Library

ScreenDASH's 500+ image categorized clip-art library provides infinite creative possibilities! You'll find the right compliment to your image enhancements for any occasion. Categories include: Seasons, celebrations, animals, clothing & accessories, and much more!

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Image Adjustment Tools

ScreenDASH! allows you to tweak images so you can be sure the images you share are as good as they can be! Image adjustment tools enable you to: blur, sharpen, change colour, adjust brightness or contrast, and more!

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3. Share

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Instant Uploads to Image Hosting Site

When you've completed your visual masterpiece, you can upload the image instantly to screendash.com and send a link to the image to your friends via email, IM, or anything else you can think of!

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Instant Uploads to FTP

If you have your own server, you can use ScreenDASH! Pro to upload the images directly to your server - ready for whatever you have in store!

Integrated with Popular Social Networking Sites

Share your images in seconds on your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace & Twitter or via online photo-sharing communities like Flickr & Photobucket.

Instantly Send Via Email

Share your images via email with the click of a button. ScreenDASH! will attach the image automatically to an email within your chosen email program.