ScreenDASH! Corporate

Higher quality results, from less time & money!

Efficient communication is the cornerstone of remaining competitive in today's business climate. ScreenDASH's easy-to-use and powerful image capture, annotation and sharing capabilities offer employees the ability to their jobs faster and more effective than ever before. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, and ScreenDASH! can help to make that clarity a reality for your business. ScreenDASH! Corporate is a specially-designed version of ScreenDASH! for organizations that wish to take advantage of the benefits of more effective communication.

Effective communication means...

Lower costs, due to less time & money spent on:

Higher quality, due to:

Competitive advantage, due to:

ScreenDASH! Corporate includes all of the screen capturing and image editing power of ScreenDASH!, along with a number of important enhancements:

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