ScreenDASH! White-Label

Image sharing is one of the most popular activities on the Web today. As a result, it is a prime opportunity for websites to build a competitive advantage by offering their users the ability to share images more easily than their competition.

We are pleased to offer ScreenDASH's industry leading screen capturing, image editing and file sharing functions to websites & organizations looking to gain this competitive advantage. If you have a user-base of 10,000+ active monthly users, we can create a version of ScreenDASH! that is fully customized to offer all of its convenience and power to your users, while enhancing your brand with your color-scheme, logos, etc. and a restricted "Share" tab that is limited to uploading to your website.

ScreenDASH! White-Label offers many benefits:

Improve Client Satisfaction & Retention

Enhance Your Brand

Gain Traffic & Users Through Viral Marketing

Fast ROI

Gain a competitive advantage today by offering your users the power & convenience of ScreenDASH! White-Label.

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